With a  notorious record  of  human rights  violations  the Burmese  military leaders  have  created a  culture  of  violence,  murder and  fear  towards  the many ethnic  minority  groups of  Burma.

Hundreds of thousands of displaced people have made their way to the Thai border seeking refugee status. 

Hebron Youth Directions has strategically set up a base in Mae Sot as it is central to the refugee camps as well as being the main trade gateway between Thailand and Burma.

Our mission is to teach skills and create opportunity for the troubled youth in the area who have largely lost hope, by providing vocational  training  and  purpose.


Through Hebron’s operating training café/restaurant we offer basic and intensive hospitality training incorporating health and safety, customer service, Western, Thai and Burmese cooking, as well as barista.


Run by our manager who is a kick boxing champion, Hebron gives training in fitness, kick boxing and self defence. With young girls especially being vulnerable to abuse and and trafficking in this area, self defence is a vital part of our work and is sought after among the 70+ migrant schools along the border.


An exciting addition to the work of Hebron Youth Directions work in Mae Sot is the Christian bookshop where all the stock is shipped in from the U.S.A. for free distribution. Pastors, Bible schools and other organisations come from all over Burma to get resources which are rare or very expensive within their own country.