Urgent project needs


The vision of Hebron is always growing and is always looking to increase its effectiveness within Thailand and Burma and other nations in the Asian area that continue to oppress minority groups that have no voice and are left with suffering injustice.

We are always look looking for volunteers and sponsors to help our vision to become a reality! If you are interested in supporting any of these urgent needs for the 2019-2020 time period we would love to hear from you. Just go to the “contact us” section and let us know how you would like to partner with us.


We have a Burmese hairdresser who has escaped from being wrongly imprisoned in her home country and is ready to start hairdressing training with Hebron in Mae Sot. We need finances to get the essential equipment to get started…………$1000

Mechanical Training

This year we have already run a successful 8 week intensive course in mechanics for the Burmese youth. Due to demand we are planning another course for 2020. The finances needed are for more tools and equipment and translation costs………..$4000.


We have an amazing effect in providing free Christian books and resources for the Burmese people. However to do this we have considerable costs to cover rent and 1 staff member so if any person or group would like to partner with us we would love to hear from you. Monthly costs are……… $600


We have a plan for going further into Burma and more effectively reaching those who suffering under the Burmese regime. Volunteers and funding are essential to reach our goal.


After training youth from India in Thailand who went back to start their own coffee shop we are looking to expand into this huge needy area. So many youth either go missing, left in poverty or are taken advantage of, and are in need of support and direction. Please contact us if you have a passion to help us reach our goal.

(All volunteer applications are seriously considered and any financial donations are tax deductible)