The hill tribe ethnic groups around the northern parts of Thailand are generally disadvantaged, unaccepted and vulnerable with many of the youth from these areas getting caught up in the drug culture or are easily lured into being trafficked. Lacking legal rights, education and being stuck in the poverty cycle allows injustice and oppression to thrive. 

Central to these people groups is Chiang Mai, where Hebron Youth Directions as set up its main base. With Chiang Mai being a common destination for youth trying to find a new life or for a way to support their parents, it’s the perfect place to provide vocational training so they can receive support and skills to lead successful lives.


Hebron’s main project in Chiang Mai is hospitality training in our operational guesthouse. Trainees come to learn all aspects of the industry from cooking and barista through to room cleaning and full customer service. Practical on the job training is essential for our trainees to effectively learn the concepts of hospitality so they can go on to get good jobs. With hundreds of resorts, guesthouses and hotels in the Chiang Mai area, hospitality gives the greatest opportunity for youth to gain meaningful work especially with the advantage of hands on experience from Hebron. 


Similarly coffee shops are everywhere in Chiang Mai but more often than not the baristas are not well trained in coffee making. Again, having the right skills provides opportunity rather than hopelessness and vulnerability!